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My World

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm tired!

I love this time of year but it sure makes me tired!  Being a Kindergarten teacher at Christmas time is full of learning but add a lot of glitter and glue into the mix.  We've decorated gingerbread houses, wrote our letters to Santa, made sweet ornaments for our trees, and painted our hands a few times.  Landon gets to make all the crafts my class does since his teacher and I plan together.  Here he is working on his house.
He made his Rudolph and wrote his letter.  So sweet of him to include his brother.
Bennett recently moved up classes so now he has Ms.Wendy and they are always doing neat things.  

He has the best poses!
Last week Lance and I celebrated 8 years of marriage on December 9th.  He got me a watch I've been wanting and I love it!  He did good.  
He actually gave it to me the night before because he went out of town on Tuesday.  He is getting back today and we are definitely ready to have him back home.  The boys have missed him like crazy and I need my partner back.  It's been a long week alone.  Plus Bennett ended up getting sick.  Sorry for the gross picture.
He threw up Monday through the night and wanted me to hold him so I did and didn't sleep much.  Then Lance left and I had to sleep with both boys.  He did good Tuesday night but then this happened Wednesday.  Thankfully my MIL came over that night to keep him Thursday.  I didn't sleep a wink this night either but I guess us mommas don't need much sleep.  So Thursday at work was like being in a fog.  I was dragging!  Judy stayed with us Thursday night but had to go home Friday morning to be with Sharmin and Mamaw Hudson.  I ended up taking Friday off and kept both boys home.  Bennett seems better but I think he had drainage last night and threw up again at 2:45 am.  Nobody has been resting around here and I've done more laundry than I have wanted to.  Luckily Landon and I have stayed clear of the stomach bug germs but Landon has a sore throat and headache.  He was negative for strep but we are continuing to just rest.  My MIL is going to stay with them again tomorrow.  I'd be lost without her!  Good thing we only have a week left of school and then we'll be off for two weeks.  Only 11 days till Christmas and then 4 days later by big guy turns 6!!!  Seems crazy to say that.

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