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My World

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mommy Brain

Well it is red ribbon week at school so we've had dress up days.  Monday was wear red and today was red, white, blue day...or so I thought.  I had to hunt for a shirt but I remembered I had a plaid shirt I wore down at the beach last 4th of July so my outfit was ready.  I get to school today and notice everybody wearing Bomber shirts.  Hmmm?!?  So after I ask I find out today was Bomber day-wear blue and gold. 
So tomorrow I'll be wearing my Bomber shirt (luckily it is blue and white).  Darn mommy brain!  
So with this being such a busy week I decided to go back to get shellac yesterday.  I said I was going to try gray and that's what I did.  I think it's a good fall color-even though this week feels like summer again. 
 Tonight the two big boys went outside so Bennett and I watched his favorite show.  The kid likes his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He is so cute! 
Well it is time for me to go finish report cards.  I have parent teacher conferences this week so lots to do before then.  But two things I want to remember.  First we are doing a unit on colors.  We've read some fun books and made some really cute projects.  One project was our freight train-lots of work for me but they had fun!
And the last thing was something that happened on Monday.  One of my kiddos came to me and said they stuck a rock up their nose and it was stuck.  Yep...I could see it in his nose so to the nurse he went.  He said she got it out with tweezers and we apparently both told him not to do that again.  GEEZ!!!


  1. The trains are so cute! Mitchy would love them.
    And I love the nail polish. Maybe I should not have peeled mine off. Ha!

  2. Brooke you should have left it on. And I told them you did that-he laughed. You should make one with Mitchum. I have all the stuff.