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My World

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a fun and busy Halloween we had this year!  Landon originally wanted to be the green power ranger but I couldn't find it anywhere in his size.  So his second choice was Batman.  Momma thought it would be cute to make little guy be Robin...ha! 
So the boys got to do a few trick or treating activities.  Monday night the Junior High had a trick or treating for school employee kids so Lance and I loaded up Batman & Robin.  It's really nice that they do that because you don't have to worry about weather, safety, etc. 

 They even did pictures this year which was nice and I think it turned out pretty good!
 On Wednesday Landon had a party in his class so he got to wear his costume to school.  And we had our party in my class as well.  Here are some fun things we've been doing and making.
My little buddy (whose mama is a friend and gave me permission to use his stuff for my blog) wearing our spider hats.
 Our skeleton man
And their fun place mats for the party (found the idea in oriental trading and thought I could make something like that without buying the kits).
I took the boys to my parents house that evening so they could go trick or treat with their cousins. 
Here are the kiddos with my mom and dad.
Me and my super heroes 
My sweet niece and nephews 
So me, my dad, and BIL Bradford took the 4 big kids around the neighborhood.  My mom and sister stayed back to pass out candy and watch Bennett.  And this is what happens when I'm gone...ha! 
As soon as we got back I got the boys in the car and headed to church.  We were a few minutes late but made it there for our annual trunk or treat and hot dogs. 
 Apparently the flash surprised Robin...ha!
 I love all my boys.
So as you can imagine...we have tons of fun and we have way too much candy!



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