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My World

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is it going to snow?

By the weather reports I'd have to say YES but I'm honestly hoping it doesn't. We've had a few really nice days lately and so now I'm just ready for spring. Right now I see no signs of snow but I guess they're saying this afternoon. We shall see!
Yesterday I took Bennett to school so I could have a little rest and have a day with just Landon. We didn't do anything but hang out. While he played the computer I painted my nails, took a bath, and shaved my legs! Relaxing baths don't happen often so I tried to take advantage. We picked B up around 4 and then headed back to get L to his haircut. Bennett fell asleep on the way home so I let him sleep as I started supper (had doors open, no noise going in the house, and had the monitor on him).
Tomorrow the hubs and I have plans to head to NWA for a night away. My dirty 30 is in 8 days and he is going to be out of he surprised me with plans of his mom staying with the boys so we could go to dinner with my BF Megan and Steve. We are going to eat at The Flying Fish and then I've got lots of shopping to do. I'm really excited to get away with the hubs and what girl doesn't get excited to shop. And this will be my first night away from B since he was born over a year ago. So it's long overdue! That's another reason I want the snow to stay away.

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