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My World

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Madness

I hate when I slack on blogging but life happens. I make time to read blogs but then I get tired and I don't do my own. So I'm going to catch up again.
We've had a couple snow days lately (or we might say ice days). I don't want to be in school any longer than we are scheduled but luckily they took Good Friday and Easter break from us. It won't be bad-we still have spring break in 2 weeks. On our snow days we enjoyed being lazy. Landon played the computer for hours and Bennett just enjoyed walking around.
Today we are all trying to enjoy our weekend but we seem to have a mean stomach bug visiting our house. Lance is back in Landon's room feeling horrible, Bennett has done better today but this morning he did throw up which made me do tons of laundry plus change bed sheets out again, and Landon has been in the bathroom most of the afternoon. I'm hoping I stay tough so I can nurse these boys back to health. Lately I've been ready about essential oils and right now I wish I had some. Too bad the health food store closed at 4:00!

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