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My World

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dirty 30

So yesterday was my big 3-0!!! Turning 30 didn't bother me one bit. As I turn 30 I still feel young even though I remember when I was in HS I thought people who were 30 were old. We were supposed to be off from school but we ended up going to make up snow days. So I got to celebrate with my kiddos at school. Yesterday was our Easter party/hunt so the kids were wild but we made it. As we were walking down the hall one of my boys told me that my arms and legs would probably hurt today. I asked him why and he said they hurt when you turn another number because you're getting bigger. You have to love Kindergarten! Lance is out of my 3 boys sent me balloons and my favorite flowers-gerber daisies! The boys had a lot of fun with the balloons last night. When we got home I had some packages and a card from my BF who I just love. I ordered some new work out pants or lounge pants (don't plan to work out in them...ha) and jeans. I also got the boys a shirt for Easter and Landon a bunch of new summer clothes.
This week Landon had a dentist appointment for his second cleaning. He did great and got some prizes from the treasure box. He picked a new ball and some awesome glasses. He's silly!
And I had to take his picture on the way to school yesterday. He loves music and always requests songs from my phone. As he was singing Coldplays Yellow to me I snapped his picture. He's so cool! It's funny when I hear him say he wants to listen to Stolen by dashboard confessional, The Civil Wars, Stay by Rihanna, or Look After You by The Fray (those are some of his favorites lately). Oh, the other night during bath I let Landon play with my shaving cream and when I walked in he was shaving his face.
And don't want to leave out Bennett. He's definitely our ornery kid. He loves to get in to everything and he doesn't like to be told no. The other night he was eating cookies....or so I thought. I later found some cookies inside of Landon's guitar.
And sorry about the pictures down at the bottom but I don't know how to insert pictures throughout when I blog from my iPad.

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