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My World

Saturday, March 9, 2013

She's funny!

My sister cracks me up! She is the girl who has Christmas shopping done by August and you're birthday presents a few months ahead...ha! I might tease her but when I'm shopping a day before Christmas I definitely wish I would have followed her. So, the other day I had to take Bennett to the ear doctor but had a little time to waste before. She told me to come by and she'd give me my birthday present (March 29). She got me a new nail polish and a new license plate! I love it!
The other day at school Landon complained that he had a headache and his neck hurt (I think he's getting his molars) so he was very loving to Brooke. And Landon isn't very affectionate so Brooke took the opportunity. She sent me the picture of both my boys in her office. Guess they wouldn't nap so Principal Brooke ;) let them hang out.
Well I'm glad it's the weekend and I hope it warms up so we can get outside. Of course Bennett is starting a cough and a runny nose so hope he stays well. The ear appointment went fine. He said tubes are not necessarily needed at the time unless we choose to do it. He did have fluid but no infection at the time. So we are going to see how he does the next few weeks and hope with Spring coming we'll get past these germs!
Only 5 school days and then it's spring break!!! And only 54 school days for kids!!!

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  1. Where have I been? I just read this and it made me laugh. Yes, my name is Brooke and I have a shopping too early problem. I just can't help myself. ;)