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My World

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm not sure I can call this spring break. The weather reports are making me think more like winter! We had a great weekend. I think I've had a case of strep but I tried not to let it slow me down. Saturday night we went over to the Benton's house. The kids got to play outside, we had a bunch of fried (which makes it more yummy) food, and of course s'mores.
Sunday we went to church and it felt great to finally be able to go. With all this sickness mess we've been missing a lot. After church we went to eat Mexican with the Benton's. It's funny because every time we go out we always say we aren't going to do it again. Our kids are good but it's just so much easier being at a house.
Monday morning started early. Bennett had tubes put in his ears so we had to be at the hospital at 6:30. We went straight back to the prep room, met with all the doctors/nurses, and they took him back at 7:15. They didn't give him goofy juice so I was a bit worried about them taking him but he did ok. He was super friendly to everyone in the prep room (even reached out for the anesthesiologist) so they probably thought he didn't need it. We got out in the waiting room and by 7:30 they were done! When we got to recovery he was a bit mad so we fed him and walked him which made him happy. At 8:10 we were in the car headed home. He did great and I'm glad it's past us. Today we are going to rest, probably play the Wii since Landon loves it, and stay in our PJ's all day. But we will get out for happy hour!!!

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  1. Hey Lindsay! I got your message on my blog! Email me here at and I can answer any questions! Can't wait to hear from you! Thanks for the sweet post!