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My World

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Counting Down the Days

June 3rd can't come fast enough!  I think I could handle the later date but I see & hear about all the other schools around us who are finished....and I get jealous!  I'm ready to be home and enjoy my boys.  Almost there!!!
Last week we had days T-W.  So we cleaned tables with shave cream, shared unique things about us, watched videos, and had water day!  The shaving cream was a mess and not sure I'll include that next year.  It was messy and gave me a major headache.  Here is Landon playing in his room.
We had our last field trip to the public library and I got to follow Landon's class which was fun!

Mrs. Kasingers last day was Friday so we did our eXcellent awards on Thursday.  Landon received the award for outstanding manners which makes us so proud!  He is a very sweet boy!

The kids made things for Mrs. Kasinger of her last day.
We've had tball games twice a week and the boys won have won them all.  

My 1st baseman looking ready!
Bennett and I watched brother play.  He did good and allowed me to actually watch outside rather than like last year when we were in my car.
This weekend we played outside and just enjoyed being home.  

Bennett took long naps.

The end of school is rough.  We play hard and just try to survive!  This was after school yesterday and Landon just couldn't hang.  
Next time I blog it will be SUMMER BREAK!

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