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My World

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1 Month

I can't believe that tomorrow will be a month for us living at Viola.  It doesn't seem like we've been here that long.  Things are still going good.  Hopefully we'll be hearing good news on the house sometime within the next week.  My fingers are crossed....I'm praying we will be in the house before school starts...August 19th!!!

Today the boys went to school so I am going to work on school stuff.  I can't believe it's almost here.  I even get to see my class list today which is always fun.  Lots of labeling for us K teachers.  I did accomplish a task yesterday for my classroom.  I ordered a kitchen and it came in so I went ahead and put it together.  My finger is raw now but I'm glad it's done...besides the missing door knob which is being sent to me.
Landon is getting to play with it until I can get into my classroom.  He's cooking up some yummy stuff.

So I've been shopping again.  But mostly for our home (wherever that is).  I ordered Landon a rug for his bathroom and Bennett's bedding.

I also got my new planner in and I'm loving it!  
And here are a few pictures from my phone.  Last week I looked over to see Landon doing this.  I thought it was great and super cute too!
Like I've said before, the drive is sometimes rough.  I think Bennett just wants to cuddle after school but instead he's in a carseat for 40 minutes.  So this trip I tried cheese balls.  I know I'm brave but I'll try anything.  And of course on this trip we had a major storm to drive through so Bennett fell asleep and Landon was scared.  The hail was super loud and it was raining so hard I could barely see.  I didn't blame him.
I have to admit I bought a CD on iTunes thanks to Snooki.  I love music and she was listening to this CD.  Well after looking at all the songs I ended up getting it.  It helps me when I have Jillian telling me what to do (workout DVDs).
Who doesn't love Paula, Genie In a Bottle, Backstreet Boys, etc.  You know you wanna buy it!

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  1. This is crazy! Right before I saw your blog, I sent you a text saying I heard a Bon Jovi song & bought it because I love it. (And that I would not mind making out with Bon Jovi either!) Weird that we are rocking the 90's.