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My World

Friday, December 30, 2011

30 Weeks

Oops...I did it again!  I waited too long to blog.  I guess I'll blame it on the holidays and just being pregnant. 
So I am actually finishing up my 30th week and my baby bump app is telling me I have 66 more days before we meet Bennett.  I went to the doctor last Friday and everything was going great.  I am up 26 pounds...YIKES!  But I was reading on my phone app that you probably have gained 25-35 pounds so far so I will let that make me feel better.  It was funny because I was teasing my doctor about the weight and he told me to enjoy the holidays and after the new year then maybe start thinking about it.  I was surprised and had to ask him if I could actually start on my treadmill now-well his answer was YES.  I thought you waited until the baby got here.  I guess we'll see if the treadmill calls my name loud enough.  Oh the big news at this appointment was me passing my Glucose test...heck yeah!  My test was at 8:20 and I did it early so I wouldn't have to eat before.  I think with Landon's pregnancy me eating and having the test at 3:30 ruined me.  So I switched it up and the lady checking me in at the lab told me since I was fasting that I would probably just fail.  WHAT???  I was so irritated and a little upset because I didn't want to have to miss work and take the 3 hour test.  So when the doctor told me I passed I was super pumped and I considered stopping by the lab as I was leaving so I could tell the lady I passed.  But I didn't!
Here is the belly at 29 weeks
 (and you'll probably see this shirt a lot because it's one shirt that works till the end and is comfy).
 30 week belly
And a picture from the front.  See the belly button?  That is with two shirts on and it shows that much.

I plan on posting more today of our Christmas and our big boy's 3rd birthday!  For now I must go make lunch...and then hopefully a long nap!

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  1. Pregnancy agrees with you! You look great! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!