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My World

Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE 2011

Well I hope everyone is having a great last day of the year.  I can't believe we are finishing 2011 and going on to 2012.  We are having a lazy night at the Newton house and we wouldn't have it any other way.  I've never been a big "go out and party" type person and going out for NYE kind of stresses me.  It is always too crowded and people tend to act goofy.  Just call me boring. :)  And I'm sure I'll be asleep by 10 PM and that is actually pushing it.  I hope I make it to 10 PM...ha!!! 
I blogged about Landon's birthday and I forgot to mention his big present.  Landon went with me and my mom to Branson Wednesday to pick out bedding/bedroom stuff.  I had mentioned doing that for his birthday and to help make his room special so he'd sleep in his bed again.  Lance agreed and that is what we got him.

He seems to like it and you know what the best part is.....wait for it....wait for it...HE SLEPT IN HIS BED ALL BY HIMSELF LAST NIGHT FROM 9 PM TO 7 AM.  Now this momma here didn't sleep very well.  He never made noise or anything but I just worry about him I guess.  I know I'm pregnant and don't sleep very well anyway but I was up enough to go tinkle 4x.  I usually just wake up once through the night to go.  We'll see how tonight goes.  I did find a reward chart online today and we are using that.  Every morning he will get to put a sticker on his chart if he sleeps in his bed all night.  That is what we used for potty training and it worked so I thought...why not try it with bedtime sleeping. 
I hope everyone has a great 2011 and I hope 2012 is even better.  I know we have a lot to be thankful for in 2012.  Our sweet family will grow and who knows what else will come our way. 

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  1. Happy New Year! That's great about his bed!!! Happy Birthday to him, too!