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My World

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

28 Weeks

So I guess now is the start of my 3rd trimester.  I have actually been feeling really good this week which is a bit of a surprise.  Everyone acts like I should start getting miserable but I hope I do the opposite.  I did have major leg cramps last night.  I didn't think my calves would ever stop cramping.  Right after school I ran to the store to buy bananas so I'm going to eat one every night before bed just to see if it helps. 
I went to the doctor on Friday and the heartbeat sounded oh so sweet, I was measuring exactly where I should, and the doctor even got to see Bennett kick my stomach.  He was putting the tape measure away and as he turned around my stomach twitched pretty big.  I think he thought it was pretty neat and funny!  That is one thing about Bennett...he is a major mover/kicker.  My belly is always shifting around.  I sometimes think what others might think if they see my belly doing the twitching.  I can't hide it that's for sure.  I go back on the 23rd and I'll do my glucose test.  I was sure to schedule it in the morning b/c with Landon I did it after school and failed it.  I think the eating in the day ruined me b/c I did pass the longer test.  So with this pregnancy I am doing early and I'm hoping to pass the first time. 
Here is the belly at 28 weeks.
I have this baby app on my phone and it keeps up with the pregnancy.  I think what I like best about the app is that it tells me when Bennett will be here.  I think I'm at  82 days.  I know 82 seems far for some but not for me.  I know it is going to fly by. 

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