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My World

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weeks 24-26 & More

So I am 27 weeks now which is the beginning of the 7th month and the beginning of the 3rd trimester.  YEAH!!!  Lots of exciting things there.  I go to my doctor this Friday so I'll have to update my stats then.  I haven't been to him in six weeks but with Thanksgiving and the Kindergarten conference I just wasn't able to get in.  Here are the belly pictures and yes I belly is large.  I think I get told that way too much. 
 Week 24
 Week 25 (I was off all week and I wasn't about to get dressed up for the picture.)
Week 26

So Landon has started to go poo on the potty.  He's only done it a couple times but we'll take what we can get.  Lance did promise him a fishing pole if he did so we had to keep our word...and Landon was super excited!  But we are now dealing with him not wanting to poo in his unders but not going on the toilet.  Poor kid is scared and this breaks my heart.  Any suggestions will be gladly taken!

Last week I attended the Kindergarten conference in Little Rock.  I really enjoyed it but I am definitely a person who likes to be home.  We got back Friday afternoon and I was super excited to see my boys!  Landon told me to never leave again.  That made me feel loved. :)

Last night we finally went to the Benton's.  We used to always get together but lately we've just had so much going on and just plain lazy.  So Gwen cooked us dinner and the big boys played.  They also got to decorate cookies and let me tell you...the cookies were awesome!  I think I ate way too many.

 I got to hold this sweet boy!  He's so cute and he gets me excited for Bennett to get here.
Landon loves going to church and getting dressed up.  He always picks out his clothes and then he'll make me spray cologne on him.  Then he asks me if he looks handsome.  Well I think he looks handsome all the time.  So I snapped a few pictures before we left the house.  I love this boy so much! 

The boys just woke up from their nap so I think it's time for Landon's surprise.  I'll blog about that later.


  1. He does look very handsome ready for church! That's so sweet--he has the sweetest little smile. :) I noticed Crosby putting deodorant on his cheek the other day. I showed him what to do with it and he thought it was so funny! He has also recently discovered cologne. I wish he and Landon could play together more often.

    You really look GREAT. I was always wish I could be taller, but I REALLY wished that when I was pregnant!! You look so pretty! It seems like the weeks are going by fast.

  2. Oops, typo..."I always wish I..."

  3. We had so much fun last night and can't wait to get these wild kids together again. I am also beyond ready to hold baby Bennett so I am glad time is going by quickly. What's the surprise? I can't stand the suspence.