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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon

I can't believe Landon is 3 years old.  This time has gone so fast.  I remember when we were in the first days, the first year of his life and I thought I'd never sleep again.  He is definitely worth everything.  Landon is a very sweet, smart boy that we love more than anything.  December 29 is his birthday so last night we had our family over to help celebrate this special day.  Landon wanted a Thomas birthday party so that is what he got. 
Here is the cake.  When he saw it he said he was so excited! 
Our sweet birthday boy looking so big.
We ate first (we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs) and then we did presents. 

 Landon got gator golf, a nerf bow, playdoh kits, a puzzle, lots of loud trucks, Rio, pj's, a memory game, and money. 
 Landon with Audrey and Christian in the background checking out the nerf bow.
 Landon and Luke-the birthday boys and our best friends
 Landon with his cousins Austin and Logan
And then my parents brought out their gift.  They like to get big gifts that take up lots of space...but that are super fun.  He got Lucky the rocking/bouncing horse...and he loves it!  Lance and Jeff put it together after everyone left which is a good thing because it took about 30 minutes. 
After presents we did cake and ice cream.
 So excited when we sang to him :)
 Here he goes....
 And he got them all.
We had to have Luke take a turn blowing out the candles.
After cake everyone started to leave and that is when the big boys starting assembling Lucky.  It was killing the birthday boys to have to wait.  But as soon as it was ready-they were on it.  We set the timer for them to help them take turns which worked great.

It was a great birthday party and we want to say thank you to those who came and for all of the wonderful gifts they gave Landon.  He is a special boy and definitely loved!

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