My World

My World

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Special Visitor

After Landon's nap this afternoon we decided to read our new book.
I figured Landon was old enough this year to understand so I finally got one!  First we read the story and after we discussed the rules/idea of the elf.  He could tell me why the elf came (to tell Santa if we are good),  why we couldn't touch him (hurts his magic), when he reports to Santa (when we are sleeping), etc.  He's pretty smart!

Then after we read the story the doorbell rang. 

Landon had a surprise package at the door from Santa.   

 Love that surprised face :)

And here is Landon with our new family member-John Mark.  Yes he named his elf John Mark.  When we first asked him what he wanted to name him he said Mimi (which is Aunt Janice) and we said but who does he look like to you and he said it was Peter Pan.  So we thought he'd be Peter Pan but during dinner he said no it isn't Peter Pan he is John Mark.  The funny story about that is when we were at Viola for the Marvin Newton Classic, Landon took up with a friend of Lance's named John Mark.  Landon would not leave him alone or leave his side.  Well apparently Landon still remembers him and that is what he wanted to name his elf.  Lance and I cracked up when he named him. 
So John Mark is sitting on the mantel watching us and waiting for us to go to bed so he can fly to Santa.  I wonder where we'll find him tomorrow.


  1. Okay so where do I get this book and our very own elf? We will certainly have to do this next year. So I suppose a gift comes each day that John Mark reports that Landon has been good? Very neat idea!

  2. Love the name!! We have "Cookie" the elf here at our place. :)