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My World

Monday, December 5, 2011

27 Weeks and Where is John Mark

So today I am 27 weeks.  I was thinking it was the start of my 3rd trimester but now I'm not so sure.  But either way I am almost there.  Here is my belly shot from today.

Today we also had an exciting day because it snowed!  I guess it was a good thing that my blinds were shut in my classroom because the minute I opened them the got a bit excited.  But I wanted the kids to see it!  On my lunch I stepped outside to snap a few pictures since it is our first snow fall of the school year. 

So this morning Landon had to find John Mark.  It took him a bit to find John Mark but we finally found him....
hanging out in the dining room.  It is so sweet to see Landon get excited about our new friend!  Glad we started this new tradition this year. 

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