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My World

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all our family and yummy food.  Being pregnant during the holidays definitely has perks. :)  We had our first gathering at my mamaw's house with all the Wilhite's.  Landon had a blast playing with his cousins and he wasn't ready to leave but we had to head to our next place which was at Viola with the Hopper's.  As we were driving over I reminded Lance that this was our last Thanksgiving as a family of 3 (I do this all the time so it's kind of become a joke for us).  He said next year it is going to be a bit harder to carry them.  I reminded him that it might be for him but not for me.  I think it's pretty hard at this point-since I've got one in the belly and one on my hip!  We tried to get a few pictures before everyone got over there.  We are pretty bad about getting family pictures but we did better last night.

 So thankful for this 35 pound turkey :)
 Attempts at a family picture

 The kids played so well together.  It definitely is getting easier as he gets older.  I actually get to sit back and visit.  I'm not following him 24/7...but guess next year we will be starting that again :)  Can't wait!

 My loves and best friends :)
 Awww...its been a long time since Lance & I took a picture just the two of us.  Lots have changed for the two of us.  Almost 5 years of marriage and about to have 2 kiddos. 
 Poor Casey being tackled by Landon and Logan.  Luckily she loves them and will let them bother her.
Logan showing me his superhero pose.

Well I didn't go to any midnight sales but I did go to Wal-Mart this morning around 8:30 and it wasn't crowded at all.  And I got the camera I wanted (they had tons of them) without having to lose sleep or fight a crowd.  I'm super excited to have a camera I can throw in my purse and I hope to be better with taking more pictures. 

Today is the 1st annual Marvin Newton Classic at Viola.  Lance and his family are all there and Landon & I will be heading over after nap time.  I will take pictures I'm sure. 

Another big thing....RAZORBACKS playing at 1:30.  Can't wait!

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