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My World

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Helping the Hubs :)

 So I've decided to give the hubs a little help.  We have our anniversary coming up and Christmas so I'm sure he's wondering what I want. :) 


First up is UGG boots.  I have been wanting boots of some sort and not 100% sure of what kind I want but I think I'd wear these a lot.  I know a lot of people have had these for a long time but I have never gotten myself any. 
I have also been looking at more dressier boots.  I found these on pinterest the other day and I really like them.  You get them at or so I think. 

I want some boots but for some reason I never buy them.

 I also have been wanting a longer coat. I have always said I was going to buy one b/c of recess duty but just never spend the money on one. So I've been looking around for one and I think I want a puffy, long coat. This one is at L L Bean and for some reason it will not show up big.

 I just bought an otter box for my new iPhone b/c Landon tends to steal my phone to play games.  So I did a quick impulse buy and got the black otterbox.  My new phone is white and I really wanted a white otterbox.  So that is definitely on my list.  I'll just sell the black one Lance :)
 I've also mentioned a small camera for my purse.  Since I blog (when I make time) I try to snap more pictures.  If I had a small camera I think I'd take more pictures and blog more.  I saw WalMart is having one for about $50 on their black Friday sale. 
kodak c1450 digital camera
I have wood floors and I've heard a lot of people like these.  Again WalMart is having them and I think it would be good for our house to have one.
shark electronic steam mop

We could also use more sheets.  I just might be going to WalMart since they have some on sale.
canopy 600threadcount sateen sheet set
I love you Lance!!!

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