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My World

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 22 & 23

Well, I am behind again!  I have a lot to blog about with the pregnancy, Halloween, and just catching up but I figured I'd do one topic tonight. 
So I am about to start my 24th week in this pregnancy and I have to admit...I feel huge and uncomfortable already.  I've been having a little pain here and there but I think its because of where he is.  Maybe he's hitting a nerve.  I'll definitely complain about it at my next doctors appointment which is after Thanksgiving.  I've still got heart burn and sleeping isn't always comfortable.  I've never slept on my stomach and don't mind sleeping on my side but sometimes I just want to sleep on my back.  But I worry too much about being propped up enough.  So many things to worry about! 

Here is week 23 which was also on Halloween.
 I usually take the picture facing the other way but I think that pose makes me look bigger for some reason.  I'll show you the other way and let you decide.
Maybe not but I feel it does!  At school that day everyone kept telling me I needed a face on my belly.  My lovely suite mate decided to dress up the belly and take a picture.  :) 

Here is week 23 belly pics.

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