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Sunday, October 30, 2011

21 Weeks & He Has A Name :)

I am finishing my 21st week and feeling good.  I went to the doctor and I gained 4 pounds the last 4 weeks so that is a total of 11 pounds so far.  My appointment was quick and easy which is always a good thing.  Last week Lance & I decided on his name.  He is Bennett Lance Newton.  Landon loves telling people baby Bennett is his brother.  I love hearing him say that too!
Last week our friends the Dailey's came in to town and so they came over for dinner Monday night.  I wish they lived closer to us but that just makes our visits extra special. 
 For some reason we swapped kiddos for the pictures :)
This week we've also been attending many Halloween things.  Our church always has a trunk or treat so that was Wednesday night. 
 Here is our class before we went trunk or treating!  Aren't they so sweet?!?
 My sweet Woody!
 Eating a few pieces from their buckets.
Last night we attended the Sherry's Annual Halloween Bash.  They have it down at their barn and always decorate it so cute.  They kids get to play and they have a hayride.  For some reason we always leave before the hayride.  Last night Lance wasn't able to go with us so that is why we missed it this year.  Preggo here was tired after about 2 hours of chasing Woody around :)
 Landon was pretty scared of the barn-they had Halloween music playing.  He eventually got over it!
 It is hard to get in the pictures lately but I had my sister take one of us real fast.
 This is my sister and her spiderman Christian.
 Bradford and I checking out the horses with our boys.

 There was a lady there dressed as a clown.  At first Landon had nothing to do with her but before long he was all about her-maybe it was the ring pops.  He would go up to her and say "Hey clown where is Christian?  Hey clown I need to go get chips.  Hey clown I have to go pee pee."  She was enjoying his company!
 He is the sweetest thing!

 Eating dinner in the barn by his buddy Brayden.  Brayden's mommy is about to have her baby and I'm so excited to see what they have.  They wait to find out...not sure how she can do that.  If it is a boy they are naming him Jackson Bennett and calling him Bennett.  Isn't that a crazy thing?  We each had no clue we were using that name. 

 Look at the yummy and adorable cupcakes!  They were so good.
 I chose the spider cupcake.
The other night Landon was brushing my hair after I took my shower.  Lance and Judy were here in the living room watching the Cardinal game.  I was trying to get Landon to go play with Nana's hair because I needed to go blow dry my hair and Judy told him to come brush her hair.  He said "Don't Relax" instead of the "Just Relax".  It was pretty funny. 
Tomorrow night we are going over to my parents house to go trick or treating and I hope that after nap Landon & I can finally carve our pumpkins.  We have to get those finished b/c this momma is already thinking about her Christmas tree :)

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