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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halfway There

Today has been a perfect fall day with cooler temperatures and the cloudy/rainy weather.  I really wish I could have spent the day in my pj's and cuddled with my little boy but instead we had to go to school. 
This week also marks the halfway point in our pregnancy.  I am 20 weeks and feeling pretty good.  I have had heartburn the last couple of days and that doesn't always feel the best.  We had our ultrasound last Friday and we got to see our baby boy again.  It was so neat and he looks so big.  The ultrasound has me measuring 4 days ahead of my due date but again they will not change my due date so still March 5th.  We took Landon with us so he could see his brother.  When the lady turned on the heartbeat Landon got pretty scared and I think he was finished at that point.  It was neat because during the ultrasound we could see baby boy blinking his eye.  I don't remember seeing that with Landon.  Oh and hopefully soon we'll decide on a name and I won't have to call him baby boy.  Here are my belly shots through the last couple of weeks.
Week 18
Week 19 

Week 20

Back at the beginning of this month I had my 10 year class reunion.  I'm sure I complained about having to help put it on but it really turned out great and I enjoyed the weekend.  Friday night we went to the MH football game which was Landon's first game.  We spent most of the night sitting in the stands watching the game so we didn't do too much visiting.  Saturday night we had the dinner/grown-ups only part of our reunion.  We had it at Big Creek and it was dinner & music.  This preggo did not bust a move. 
 This is Kim and Megan.  The 3 of us have been best friends since 2nd grade.  They truly are like sisters to me and I love them so much.  Megan and I talk almost every day on the phone or in text.  She lives over in Centerton so I don't get to see her as much as I'd like.  Kim is back in MH and is a wonderful dentist in town.  She is full of energy...still!  She was in charge of the reunion and she did awesome.  I was her assistant :)  Kim and I should see each other a lot but we don't.  We are horrible but life is just busy.  
 This is preggo, Marjorie, Katie and Kim.  I cheered with Marjorie since 9th grade.  She is crazy and tall like me.
Kim and I before Lance and I left the reunion.  We might be considered boring to some (it was 10:15 PM at this point which is way past my bedtime) but we love our life.  It was kind of weird being around people I went to high school with and I think some thought the same way! 

This past weekend we went to Viola for our family trip to the pumpkin patch.  We got over there Saturday around 5:00 and Lance was already working.  He was on the tractor and of course Landon wanted to ride. 

  Lance worked till supper and then started again Sunday morning.  When he was finished he took Landon and I for a ride around the land on the chuck wagon.  His parents have about 150 acres and it is very beautiful.  I wish she lived closer to us or that we lived closer to her.  We headed up to the pumpkin patch around 12:15 so we could be there when it opened.  Landon had fun and I always find good pumpkins there. 

This year we rode the horse and buggy.  With this ride and the ride around the land - I'm lucky I am not further than 20 weeks otherwise we just might have had a baby.  Those sure were bumpy rides! 

I think I'm finally caught up.  Tomorrow Landon has picture day and I can't wait to see them.  He is also going to get his first class picture.  How cute is that going to be?!?

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