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My World

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 17 and a surprise...

I will go ahead and tell the surprise part.  I went to my doctors appointment Friday - so it was the end of my 17th week.  My doctor said, "so do we know what we're having?"  I told him not yet but we could if he'd do a quick ultrasound.  I also told him that I told Lance I was going to ask about that (Lance didn't go to this appointment which I don't blame him).  The doctor said, "Well do you have time to wait?  Cause we might just do it since Lance didn't come."  Did I have time to wait to find out what baby #2 is?  Umm...YES!!  I had already waited way over an hour to see the doctor and it was after 4:30 so I could wait a bit more.  So after his last appointment we went down to do the ultrasound.  And we saw a....BOY!!!  We are having another boy and we can't wait.  I'm really excited about Landon having a brother and both Lance and I know how to raise a boy.  The doctor sent Lance a text telling him he saw a boy.  I thought that was funny that he did it. 

So here are my preggo updates.
Total Weight Gain/Loss  7 pounds...seems like a lot.
Maternity Clothes?  Not yet but still using the rubber band on some pants...luckily most of my clothes are working with my growing belly
Sleep?  still up once through the night
Best Moment of the Week:  finding out it's a boy
Movement:  Oh yes and it's the movement where I can see my belly move.
Food Cravings?  tator tots from sonic
Gender  BOY
Belly button in or out?  out
What I miss?  Being able to eat whatever I want.  Still trying to be good with blood sugar.
What I am looking forward to:  Going through all of my boy stuff again and getting it ready for this baby.
Milestones:   Going days with no medicine :)
Things I've experienced this week:  I did order/buy some maternity jeans since I can wear them to work on Friday.
Size of baby:  onion

And the latest belly's huge!

 I took one the next morning b/c I always say it gets bigger throughout the day.  But I'm thinking that isn't true.  I'm just big 24/7.
 And here is the big brother!  We played outside the other evening for 2 hours.  He had fun and I got to sit and enjoy the great weather.  I do like being outside but I think I got 10 mosquito bites.  That is why I stay inside...those things love me.
Yesterday Gwen and I went shopping for the day.  It was nice!  We never get to do anything just the two of us anymore so it was good to catch up.  Poor Gwen though!  I think she took me on every shortcut road and I think I got a little car sick-no throwing up just felt blah.  We had to take a few breaks while shopping to feed me b/c I felt a little weak here and there.  And I think I lost my motivation to shop.  But I really did have fun even though I might sound pitiful. 

This next weekend is my 10 year class reunion so I'll be busy finishing all of that up.  I wasn't a class officer but my BF from high school kind of got stuck doing it alone so she recruited some girls who live around to help her.  Lots of work but I know it will be fun!


  1. Congratulations on the BOY news! That's great! Boys are so sweet. :)

  2. Congratulations. Lance told me the good news when I talked to him Friday night. Mom said Landon met her at her truck and his first words were, "Nana, guess what, I'm gettin' a baby brother!"

  3. Sorry about the short cuts! We are so excited that you are having another boy! Looks like Evan might get a BFF out of this deal instead of a wife, lol!