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My World

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Baby is Sick :(

I knew Landon hadn't been feeling well lately but last night was the first time he has ran a fever and looked pitiful.  He has a cough, runny nose, his voice sounds sad, and last night he started a fever.  This morning I decided to take him to the Wal-Mart Clinic so that way he could start medicine now instead of waiting till Monday.  They said he had some fluid in his ears and they are pink and his throat is red and swollen.  :(  So we have some medicine (which he hates-but it is once a day for 5 days so I think he'll make it) and we are resting.  Lance is coming home from deer camp tonight to stay with him tomorrow.  It isn't fun missing days for me since I'm already getting docked for my maternity leave.  I'll stay home with him if he has to miss more than one day but since Lance already has the day off he said he'd come home.  So, speaking of horrible medicine I bribed Landon into taking it by telling him we'd paint after.  I had my class make these turkey hand prints and of course I have to make one with Landon. 
Here he is working on the project.
And this is what we've got done now.  We have to wait for it to dry before we finish I forgot the glue so we'll have to finish later.
This weekend while Lance was hunting, I worked on the Christmas tree.  He put it up for me Friday before he left and all Landon & I did that night was fluff it.  Yesterday we did the lights and the top of the tree.  I am having to do this in small steps b/c I'm just tired.  I am excited to get it finished because I have all new decorations.  I'm doing the traditional red and green colors and I think it is going to look pretty!  I went to GiftTiques last weekend and got a bunch of stuff. 
Here is the top of my tree.
I'm now trying to figure out how I want my ribbon and if I want to go get geo mesh ribbon.  Decisions, decisions!!!

Ok, so now to catch up on a few things.  A few of us girls from high school have been doing girls night once a month.  Now I haven't been good and going to a lot but I honestly try.  They tend to fall on the same night Lance has bank meetings which means I stay with Landon.  I did go this month and it was at my friend Allyson's house.  We played bunco and it was a blast.  I've always wondered how to play and now I know.  Super easy and super fun! 
We are planning a cookie decorating girls night for next month and I will definitely be going. 

I also found a new addiction...  She is famous on pinterest and her blog is fun to read.  She has taught me how to have full hair (blow dry my hair with my head flipped...duh) and how to have pretty curls that don't take long at all.
Here is a picture of my hair the first time I tried her method out.  I think it turned out good and it lasts on my hair all day long.
You need to check her out. 

Well Landon and I are going to go get ice cream since his throat hurts ;) and cuddle the rest of the evening.  I hope to blog Halloween soon but we'll see!

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  1. Ice cream and bad throat together doesn't goes well I thought ! I loved your blog , it's my first visit :)Decorating the Christmas tree is so much fun , I really liked the decor you have done on the tree.I hope Landon gets well soon.:)
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    Which Ornament on Christmas Tree are you?
    Are you an angel or a star on the Christmas tree?