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My World

Sunday, May 4, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 17

Day 113:  The chicks are hatching!  We have four now so it's been an exciting day!

Day 114:  Our class now has nine chicks that have hatched.  Tomorrow we get to hold them!  And we love when Nana is here!  She's always singing with the boys!

Day 115:  These two are so fun!  Landon held the hummingbird that hit the window and Bennett brought his lounge chair out on the deck.  And he hasn't taken that hat off in two days - even napped in it today!

Day 116:  We had a rough night last night and then Bennett napped a quick 30 minutes today....yet he's the one still going strong!  Poor Landon!

Day 117:  Playing in the rain!

Day 118:  Only 25 more school days (plus 5 more for teachers) and then we won't be rushing out in the mornings!  Bring on summer!

Day 119:  Bennett loves singing his ABC's.

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