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My World

Sunday, May 25, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 21

Day 141: Bennett at school today with his girls!

Day 142: Look at this big guy!  Love his preschool graduation picture!

Day 143: My mom came over to keep Bennett so I could watch Landon's game!  Too bad the schedule was messed up.  BUT I did get to watch him practice.

Day 144: We finally got this out of storage plus two boxes of missing things (cookbooks which apparently I don't need and more toys/books for the boys)!

Day 145: This momma woke up with a bad sore throat but this guy wanted in the "bouncy house".  Look at his hair!  He's a mess.

Day 146: The boys went down to the river today while I was at school.  I'd say they had a great time & I bet they sleep good tonight!

Day 147: Landon won his t-ball game tonight & now we are winding down with some NickJr/Starfall.  This kid loves anything to do with learning!

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