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My World

Sunday, March 13, 2016

In Like A Lion...

I do hope March came in like a lion so it can go out like a lamb!  We've had good temps but lots of rain lately.  At school we had dress up days for Dr. Seuss and this picture was us on pj day...which who doesn't love that day!  Love my Kinder gals!
Last week was a very looong week!  Bennett ended up getting sick with tonsillitis AGAIN so thankfully Nana kept him.  We went to the doctor Monday for him.

I took off Tuesday to keep him and even with me being out one day it was still a long week. 

I ended up getting sick myself so by Friday I took myself to the doctor.  I have tonsillitis too.  They gave me a steroid and an antibiotic.  I took it as soon as I got home and seriously within 10 minutes I was sneezing like crazy for about 10 minutes, then my body started itching, and I noticed I was getting hives.  Lance wasn't home so I immediately called the pharmacy and they told me I was having an allergic reaction to it.  I took a large amount of Benadryl, itched my skin off, and got in the bath just to try to ease up the itching.  Thankfully the benadryl worked quick but of course it made me zombie up.  I did get a new antibiotic and that one has been normal.  
So next week is our last week before spring break and I can't wait.  We have to go to LR for Bennett's urology check up on Tuesday & then I get to judge cheer tryouts Thursday.  
Today we stayed home to rest and try to get over the tonsil bug but we did get outside for a few minutes.  It's too nice to be stuck inside.  Look at that air on this boy!  Ha!
Bennett loves to swing and listen to music.  
Landon likes to play catch.  He's usually good...but tonight he knocked me in the head.  Ouch!

Even momma can play ball!
Bennett got a birthday present in the mail last week for Lilly and Jed.
Lance was gone a few weeks ago so we tried to get outside some.  I'm a chicken and don't like being outside without him around...not sure why!  He also took my car so we cruised in his truck.  It made me miss my car A LOT.  Especially when I had groceries.

Oh and we booked our condo for the beach this summer!  Can't wait to go again.

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