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My World

Friday, June 3, 2016

End of school & on to Summer

We are finally all on summer break!  🙏🏻 The boys had their last day on May 27th because we let them skip the last day which was May 31st.  

Nana kept the boys on the last school day since I couldn't skip.  I got lots of sweet hugs and I'm really going to miss my kiddos.  It was a good school year!

I'm excited to be on summer break but I'll be excited to be in classroom next school year.

The new room caused me to purge which is good for me...but the rain wasn't always my friend when trying to get things back home.  It was storming so bad one day so Landon and I just took off.  We were giggling so hard once we made it to the car.
To kick off summer, Brooke and I took the kids to watch Angry Birds...which was a super cute movie.

We had a lazy Memorial Day weekend which was perfect!  Lance did some yard work, I did a big grocery trip for summer days home, we spent time outside, and we went up to our neighbors for a fish fry.  

My sweet Mamaw by papaws grave.
I picked up a $5 pool the other day and I realize it isn't going to work for us all summer...going to have to upgrade.
We did get a water slide and we just had to try that out.  
We have been busy with ball games lately!  If the game gets played we usually end up getting rained on...or the games get called due to storms.  We might be playing all summer if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Landon got a new bat...but of course he doesn't like it's much as his old well just save it for next year!
Landon had ball practice this week so Bennett and I practiced his hitting and then went to the park.
Nana helped him stack his wrestlers the other day and I think we pretty much have the entire WWE roster.
The boys are enjoying being home.  I hear "I'm bored" from Landon once a day but I told him I could give him chores to help...he said that's worse...ha!  The boys do need to learn to sleep in a little was an 8:00 wake up which I like!
Here is a picture of Landon and Luke during church...they are good buddies!

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