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My World

Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Boy

So much going on and I'm just too tired to post!  I am now 13 weeks which means I'm starting my second trimester.  Thank you Jesus!  I hate to complain but the last seven weeks have been very difficult.  I was nauseous 24/7, throwing up at least once a week, and I tried three different medicines to try to help with my nausea- which none of them really did.  I prayed that I would wake up on my 13th week feeling some relief.  I honestly didn't pray to feel normal - I just wanted some of it taken away.  And let me say - prayer works!  I have not taken any medicine today.  I even had a girl throw up in my room right at 8 AM and made it through that.  Yes I've had to keep candy my mouth most of the day but I can deal with that.  Now as the night goes on I'm getting pretty tired and feeling a little blah but hopefully here soon I'll just go to bed and I'll be able to fall asleep before it gets worse.  I could be tired b/c I think I got up three times to go to the bathroom.  I usually just wake up once but for some reason last night was different.  Oh the joys of pregnancy!  I know this baby is worth every thing I'm going through and what I'm putting everyone else through.  Love my boys and their patience with this mama.  We go to our next appointment Wednesday so I'll try to post about that.
Now about my sweet baby Landon...he started in a new classroom at school - a bigger boy room.  He is doing great and he seems so much bigger to me.  I used to carry him and pass him off to the teacher but in Ms. Alicia's room he just gets down and goes.  They have carpet time and the kid is a sponge and learning so much.  I ask him what today is and he gets it right.  Then he goes on and can tell me the rest of the days in order.  I asked him what month and he knew we were in August.  He's so cute!  Today he earned his colors crown.
Since he did so good we went and got an icee and Burger King.  Ok actually I'm craving them so I can't blame it on him. :)
My school year is going good!  I have a good group of kids and things are definitely getting easier.  The first week or so can be rough for Kindergarten just b/c it is all new to them.  I'm glad we are starting to figure things out. 

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