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My World

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Less than 2 weeks till Christmas...eek!!!

Well my blog is working now and I didn't even buy more storage...hmm???  I won't complain and I'll take advantage and blog what has been happening lately. 
On December 1st John Mark (our elf) came back to our house.  He surprised us with breakfast!
He has been pretty silly lately and we have been super excited to find him every morning!  I have been taking a picture every day but I forgot yesterday (hoping the hubs got it).
 Landon loves the word UNDERWEAR so John Mark decorated our tree with his undies and then the next night he was reading Froggy Gets Dressed.  And of course it was on the page where froggy realizes he forgot his underwear.

 John Mark made us all look like Rudolph and brought us the Christmas classic movies.
Lance always teases about NOEL being LEON so one morning John Mark had changed it! 
We found on pinterest a few weeks back and you can go there and watch Santa feed his reindeer. 
At school we've been busy crafting (and learning of course) and the kids are having so much fun!

Lance and I celebrated 6 years of marriage on December 9th.  I'm very blessed to be married to my best friend, a godly man who loves the Lord, and a man who is the best daddy to our two sweet boys! 
To celebrate we picked up 178 Friday night and had our anniversary dinner with our two babies (wouldn't have it any other way) and on Saturday we went out to eat with our best friends at Yoshi's. 
Bennett hadn't napped much that afternoon so he was a bit clingy so I held him the entire time but Landon did good.

Bennett turned 9 months at the end of November.  He weighed 24 pounds which was the same as Landon, he has 2 teeth but I think we'll be seeing another tooth very soon, he has had two ear infections recently (finishing an antibiotic right now), he has been sleeping through the night except for the before medicine nights, he is wearing size 4 diapers, clothes are usually 12 mths, he is still crawling like a salamander, pulling up on everything and walking around, I was told he said "doctor" and "becca" which I do believe it, he still is an easy baby boy who hardly ever cries, doesn't take a paci, eats 6 oz bottles plus baby food thoughout the day.  He has blessed our lives so much and we are so thankful for him! 


 His new jammies from his auntie Brooke.  She loves her little Ben Ben!
 Passing down outfits so I have to take pictures.

 Found this shirt at Walmart and thought it was perfect.

 Thought this was a sweet picture of the boys looking out and waiting on Papaw and Grandma to come visit.

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  1. Ok, both boys look just like Lance! I am not joking. His DNA is strong. Have one more so you can have a twinkie! ;)