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My World

Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 on Friday

So I'm not sure how to link up for the 5 on Friday so I'll just do it my way.

1.  It's FALL y'all!  And I'm super excited.  I made a little trip to my favorite store (Freckles Chic) and got some fun new clothes.  And I bought my first pair of jeggings...yes I know I must have been living under a rock right?!?  I'm just used to my bootcut pants but I'm working on it.
2.  We found a NEW house!  And it isn't the house we sold our home for but it's going to be so much better.  It needs a yard intervention but that will be fun to do...right Lance???  We close on the 18th and I'm crossing my fingers nothing crazy happens.  I'm trying to be hush, hush on it just because I'm so scared.  The first house really messed with my head on house hunting.  But this is a normal short sale mess! 

3.  Boyce Avenue is constantly playing on my radio!  I was listening to the Glee radio station on Pandora (blame my sister) and I heard them sing Heaven feat Megan Nicole.  It was so good and I love anything with that acoustic sound.  Check them out!

4.  I killed my first (and hopefully last) snake on Sunday.  Bennett and I were home and I took him out to play.  We are always finding baby frogs, lizards, critters, etc. So we were chasing a lizard and we came around to the side of the garage door and there it was! I ran in to call Lance  and I asked him what to do.  He told me to kill it.  SAY WHAT??  I'm a sissy, stay inside type girl so I was surprised when he told me this.  But he was 35 minutes away and I wasn't going to let that snake get away alive.  I got a hoe and a shovel, set Bennett far away from the garage, and came up with a plan.  I went with the shovel as my weapon, took a deep breathe, and slammed down on the snake as close to its head as possible.  Bennett started walking up towards us so I was telling him to get away and just hoping the snake would stop moving soon.  When it was dead enough for me (yes it's in two pieces and I'm still thinking its going to attack me) we went in.  I was sweating and pretty much having a panic attack. And I haven't been outside since!  
5.  Halloween Time! I need to start thinking of costumes first but I went ahead and ordered the boys a treat bag.  Super cute and on sale at pottery barn.  

I'm SO glad its the weekend and I get to be home with my boys.  Lance is going to hunt and I don't think I'll leave the house.  Fine by me!

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