My World

My World

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 27

Day 183: The boys having breakfast on the deck!  

Day 184: More trampoline fun!

Day 185: Lance took before/after pics of our yard work.  WOW!

Day 186: We had a little camp outside with fireworks, s'mores, and catching lightning bugs!

Day 187: Some of my family left for Gulf Shores which depresses me since we aren't going (next year we definitely are) Lance set up my tent to bring the beach to me.  I've got my tent, pool, and hose to squirt the boys.  

Day 188:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN!  Today we celebrated his 7th birthday.

Day 189: We had a lazy day which works for me!  Landon was looking forward to Monday Night Raw all day.  (No picture today...this "not posting on Instagram" is messing me up.)

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