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Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Who doesn't love the holidays?!?  It's such a busy time for everyone but it's also a lot of fun!  We have a few traditions started in our household already that I hope my kids always remember and enjoy!  

First up...Lance goes to duck camp to hunt and this girl gets the tree up!  He went the first weekend of November so Friday night Bennett watched me work.  When Lance got home the next day he said he knew I'd have it up.  He knows me well!!!  This is mommas tree (can't let go people) so the boys get to have their tree downstairs.  They (mostly Landon) fluffs it, puts it together, strings the lights, and decorates it.  They like the colorful lights while I stick to the classy whites!  

While the big boys were gone Bennett and I made a quick trip to Branson.  The pictures tell how the trip went.  Here he's ready to go and I've got wet hair.
We made it through the mall and he's hungry and getting tired....but we've got to go to target!
We are all done and headed home!  My hair has went up in a ponytail!
We packed up our shoeboxes at church.  We've been gathering the items and then our class filled them.  

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Viola with the Newtons.  We always get there early and try to get a family picture before the boys get wild.

We went to my classroom before school resumed after Thanksgiving break so I could change my room to Christmas fun.   

We decorated gingerbread houses.
Mitchum having fun!
Our elf, John Mark, returned on December 1st.  He brought the boys new pajamas and told them to re-watch the movie after school.

Landon and Lance have been hunting a lot which is fine because who doesn't like frying up some duck meat!

Yesterday was Me and the hubs 9th wedding Anniversary.   I had a feeling about a possible gift so I snuck and planned around it.  Lance got me a new mixer!  I got him a pullover and then he opened the grinder attachment to the mixer...ha!  We have talked about getting one and how he would use it to grind up we both were happy.  He was a bit sour because he can't surprise me! 
We tried it out Saturday and started simple with chocolate chip cookies.  YUM!
Landon loves all things art.  He has a sketch book filled up and last night he begged to paint so I finally let him.
Now we've only got 5 school days left then it's Christmas Break.  Two weeks off sounds so nice!  

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  1. You guys have been busy! Hope to see you Christmas night!