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My World

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

The day has come for no more coordinating costumes.  So let's just look back at those.
I asked them what they wanted to be and there was no way of making them connect.  So here we have it...a blue power ranger and a cardinal baseball player.  I still think they looked cute!  Our Halloween festivities began Wednesday with our church's trunk or treat.  I help with Bennett's class but luckily they joined preschool-2nd grade together for the hayride and the trunking.  
Bennett and Evan
Landon and Luke

Friday was school parties so I ended up taking half a day so I could attend Landon's class party.  
My friend Stephonie went to Samira and Bennett's party and sent me a picture.
Saturday we went to see my cousin Haleys house for our first trick or treating fun and they looked great!  So fun that they dressed up.
We then went to my sisters to go around her neighborhood.  It's a tradition to go with them and my parents.  We cooked hot dogs once we got back.

Sunday Bennett wore his Halloween shirt for me.  I needed to get one wear out of it.
After church we went and ate with the Benton's.  We usually do the Mexican restaurant in town and then Evan asked for me to take their picture.  Of course I will Evan!  
After nap we carved our pumpkins.
Landon had his field trip on Tuesday.  This was rescheduled from the prior week due to rain so Lance ended up going with him.

Now it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I did my grocery shopping Saturday and saw these babies.  And I had two get a couple boxes...which we already need more.  I'll probably put up my tree soon because I just love the lights and it's a lot of work so I want to enjoy it for a long time.  Come Christmas evening I want it down!  Ha

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