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My World

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Progess in the Backyard

Look what was delivered today!  It is perfect and I'm so glad we finally got it.
He was at school when it was delivered so I was super pumped for him to get home.  We usually stop for Sonic drinks after school but today he wasn't wanting one.  He was too excited to see his swing set.  When we got home he ran straight outside but he went to his gator.  I was a little confused but he said he had to drive over to the swing set.  So funny and look how happy he is here.
 Going up in the fort area for the first time.  It's really spacious up there (I even got up there and went down the slide).   
 He is so cute :)
 Here is a picture of our garden...things are growing!
 So the backyard is looking really good!  We have the garden, a swing set, and patio furniture!  Guess it's time for cookouts and get-togethers :)

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