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My World

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend we attended Evan's 1st birthday party on Saturday.  It was an outside event so they had the slip-n-slide going, a pool for the kids, and we grilled out hot dogs.  It was warmer than we thought it was going to be so the water was great.  We got there at 11:00 and our big boys played outside till about 3:00.  I hung out inside with B for the most part. 
 I love this boy so much!
 The men grilling the hot dogs. 
 This big boy had so much fun playing outside.
Once Landon and Luke came inside our men started talking about wanting to go fishing.  WHAT???  I had to remind them that it was Mother's Day weekend.  They told us to go get a pedicure and by golly we took them up on it.  Gwen and I took off and went to a few stores and then got our pedicure.  Oh, and I did get me some new jeans and a new nail polish (China Glaze Pool Party)from my boys as well.
On Sunday we had Bennett's dedication at church. 
And then we went to brunch at Gastons with my MIL, Mimi, and her two girls.  It was super busy.  We had reservations at noon and we even had to wait 20 minutes.  I kept taking Landon outside to throw coins into the fish (think I gave them $20). 

We had a really good weekend!  Now here are some random pictures from my phone that I want to share.
Things are starting to grow in the garden :)
Here is the sweet Bennett.  We have his doctors appointment tomorrow (boo on shots) so I'll put up his stats later this week.

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