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My World

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

 I have to do a flashback to last Christmas!  I think I look a little different...ha!

 We had a lot of family time over Christmas break.  My break was a little shorter than usual but it was still nice and luckily the hubs had the same break.  Our first Christmas was over at Viola.  We did it earlier than normal for us but I think it worked out a lot better. 

We had the Wilhite Christmas on Christmas Eve. We do it at my sisters preschool and it works great!

That night we got home to find John Mark had brought us a letter and it said we could hold him for a little bit. Landon was so excited! We opened our gift from him which was Christmas jammies.

Christmas morning I was up first (go figure). Once everyone got awake we did our Christmas. Landon was so fun this year. He was super excited about his power ranger stuff. Bennett was in to the paper this year.

And Lance surprised me with my new iPad. He's so good!

After we did our gifts we headed over to my sisters house for Christmas with my parents. I don't think I have my pictures on my iPad so just going to make it work.

We came home and played with our new toys and while lance and Bennett took a nap I took down the tree. He was shocked when he got up but you have to remember its been up for a long time and I have a birthday boy four days later.

That evening we went over to the Hoppers for Christmas. We eat, visit, and they all sing. We ended up leaving early because Landon had a belly ache.

We had a wonderful Christmas.

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