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My World

Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm finally figuring out how to blog from my iPad so hopefully ill be better.

I'm home today for MLK so me and the boys are hanging out. It's a good thing because it seems we've all been a bit under the weather. Friday night Landon ran fever but was better Saturday. Today Bennett has a cold he's a bit cranky. Right now he's sleeping and that's why I'm blogging. Landon is playing the wii and acting like he's a power ranger!!! Love him! You'll see in a couple pictures that he's writing his name a lot. It's looking so good!

I'm doing good on my Walmart goal of only going every two weeks. It's so nice not having to do that each weekend. Lots of planning but completely worth it. I also got my nails done again. I used to always wear them but after B I just needed a break from them. We'll see how I do but so far I'm loving them. And I also got a new computer monitor at school. That thing is so big! Probably looks gigantic to me since I am always on an iPhone or iPad...ha!

Here are a few pictures from my phone I need to share.

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