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My World

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sick boys

What a week we've had! My entire house has been sick (except this mama). Bennett finished amoxicillin Monday night and by Tuesday morning he was running a fever so Lance took him to the doctor. He still had a red ear so we got a stronger antibiotic and an appointment to the ENT on March 5th. Can't wait for that! My MIL (who wasn't feeling wonderful herself) came over to stay with B and later that afternoon Lance came home feeling like he had the flu. He pretty much slept for two days and finally got good enough to work Thursday and then leave for a boat show in Baltimore Friday morning. I thought Landon and I were the only healthy people but on Wednesday morning he started fever so Lance got him and brought him home with Judy and B. He seemed better Thursday but continued coughing. Yesterday he complained of sore throat and started fever again so we made a run to Walmart clinic. He is now on antibiotic and steroid. I'm glad I had Judy here all week to help since I had parent teacher conferences Thursday night and with Lance out of town. I'm definitely worn out but just happy to have my boys getting better and over this crud. Here are a few pictures of the boys lately!

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