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My World

Sunday, April 6, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 12

Day 78:  This boy is home again with Nana and fingers crossed he keeps taking his meds and starts feeling great!  We are getting there but just taking some time!  

Day 79:  The first day of spring calls for a little OPI cajun shrimp!  

Day 80:  After school I got to help my sweet cousin Haley with her cheerleading tryouts.  It was fun to judge but stressful!  I remember how nervous it was when I was trying out.  

Day 81:  Landon ended up staying the night with Nana so Bennett was an only child for the night. 

Day 82:  After church Bennett always tries to fall asleep in the car.  I told Lance to keep him awake and that I'd run and get us lunch.  This is what happened...Lance FAILED!  I also wonder if Lance was driving race car style?!?  Their heads crack me up!

Day 83: Dinner can be crazy when you have small children and tonight was even more crazy because Landon tried lettuce!  Watch out y'all he's getting brave!

Day 84: I'm excited to see Giuliana and Bill starting back up!  I love their show.  And I bought some new lip gloss to try out.

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