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My World

Sunday, April 6, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 14

Day 92: Landon had a dentist appointment today and he has NO cavities!

Day 93: The floors are started, we have no toilets upstairs, so we will be downstairs a lot for the next couple days...which with this weather we might be there anyway!

Day 94: The tile is down and tomorrow they will finish.

Day 95: The tile guys finished up today (said it would be 2 hrs but it was 5) and while they worked we spent time outside.  Bennett even got close to Abby (which is big sine he's usually running from her).

Day 96: These two boys were so good during our floor project!  It was a crazy week but we all managed.

Day 97: Last week Landon's animal balloon from the dentist popped shortly after leaving.  So today when I went to the dentist they sent me home with two new animal balloons.  Both boys were happy!

Day 98: We are counting down the days in Kindergarten and we only have 39 more.  And we are going to have chicks before too long!  

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