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My World

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bennett Turns 3

On Febrary 27th little guy turned the BIG 3!!!  I'm the mean mom who doesn't do birthday parties.  I figure our little family celebration is just perfect (plus what they don't know doesn't kill them).  We did bring cookies, drinks, and pizza to his class at daycare so they celebrated with him.
When I asked Bennett what kind of cake he wanted, he of course said DORA.  Lance wasn't too thrilled about that but Dora isn't a girlie show to me.  So for his cake I tried to man it up with some Diego on there too!

He has been loving Pete the Cat so i found him a puppet character and a Pete the Cat board game.

It ended up snowing so my parents were unable to come over to eat cake with us.  They told me to let him open his presents anyway.

Here he was opening his presents from Aunt Brooke a couple days early (she can never wait).

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