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My World

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

We had a very low key New Years Eve which is perfectly fine to me.  We did some rearranging in the house so I had to organize and clean as I completed those projects.  
Bennett needed something in his bedroom for his clothes.  So we brought this from downstairs.  
We've been wanting something for this spot in the house.  I found an idea off of Fixer Upper and decided to go shopping at Hobby Lobby.  I ended up finding these and I'm super happy with them.  

Landon and I worked out with Jillian (his choice).
Lance grilled us some steaks and we were in our jammies pretty early.  We played downstairs and watched football.  The boys even had coke floats!
So I want to go ahead and list some goals I have for this new year.  

1.  I want to read more.  I already have a few new books on my Kindle app ready to go BUT i also want to read my Bible.  

2.  For my health I want to drink more water.  I am still NO SODA which I am super proud to say but I know I could always drink more H2O.  I'm going to come up with some strategy so I can improve this.  I will continue to exercise which is honestly a part of my daily routine now.  It just makes me feel better.  

3.  I want to keep sharing Advocare with others.  The products have changed my life for the better.  I've felt better these last 6 months than I have in a long time.  Plus, I want to help some of my team members reach advisor and get their team growing. 

4.  I want to be more present.  I definitely allow myself to get distracted with all the things I "think" I need to be doing.  Like being more conscious about my time on social media.  My life is not that fancy and I doubt I'll miss anything if I'm not checking my phone.  My 3 boys need me more than anything else.  

5.  Some other things will be to blog more and plan meals better and follow through on them.  

I have my new YETI cup to help me with water, a keyboard for my iPad which helps me blog faster, and pretty new pens to organize my meals with.  I'm ready to go!

A new year is here...the possibiliies are endless.

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