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My World

Friday, March 27, 2015

School Fun

We've been busy in Kindergarten!  First up was our 100th day celebration.  Lord knows we all love to make it to this day because then it is on to counting down our days left!  Our POD always has a rotation for the kids to do on this day.  We decorated the doors as the kids came in and just had a fun time.

We've partied for Valentines Day which I'm happy it was on a Friday.  Those parties always make me tired.  And I was glad it was the weekend because little Bennett ended up getting sick.  It was a low key Valentines for us which works for me. 
Here is Landon's lunch I packed.  I enjoy trying to pack him a special lunch and I know I won't be able to do it much longer (eventually it will be uncool of me).

(And I found my shirt through Instagram)
We celebrated Dr. Seuss March 2nd-???  I'm not sure when it ended because we had snow days at the end of the week so it kind of threw everything off.  One day we dressed as our favorite character so I made Landon match me!!!  

Here he is with his dudes from class.

For "wear your favorite color" day Gage's sweet mom made them their fish shirts.

My POD of teachers got Dr. Seuss shirts for PTC and Parent Night (which ended up getting canceled.  We wore then anyway.
We have under 50 days left and I can't wait.  I'll definitely miss having Landon at my building but I'm ready for summer fun!

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