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My World

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Boys Lately

Landon is doing great in school and he seems to be enjoying it!  He is reading and writing so good and he's everyone's little helper.  He got picked to say the pledge the other morning and was a rock star!  He knocked on my door one day and showed me his journal writing.  I was very impressed!!
It says "I am going to the football game with my dad!" He was excited about the Bomber game that night.  They watched them lose to Jonesboro but he still had fun.
He earned his first bookit pizza coupon so we cashed that in.
I think school wears him out though. Sometimes he falls asleep in the car & the shirt always comes off.
He lost his 2nd tooth.  
He got a new haircut and said he really looked like John Cena now.
We both got a flu shot/mist this week and he did good but I think it messed up his allergies.  His nose was horrible a couple days that he even came to see me at nap time.
This was fire truck visit day and his eyes were all puffy and just looked miserable.

He fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up till 5:30 and continued snuggling after that.

When he finally woke up and was somewhat happy (we had to miss blast) he was ready to make his fire plan.  
And speakinf of flu shots...mine didn't hurt but it left a good mark on me.  I even felt bad for a couple days after so I'm assuming that was the reason behind Landon's sickies.
Here is a cute apple art project he made the other day.
Bennett is growing a ton and doesn't seem like a baby to me.  I think he needs to be kept in a bubble though because he is straight up wild.  He's gonna cause me to have gray hair and wrinkles.  Last weekend Lance took the boys down to the river and Bennett decided to touch the side of the cooker.  So he had some blisters on both hands.

The next day we went for a ride around the house in our new side-by-side.  We just got this a week or so ago.  

Saw two green snakes on the road. 
When we got back Lance took the boys to swing and I ran inside.  It wasn't no more than 5 minutes and I hear them crying.  I figured they got in trouble but it turns out Bennett jumped off a step and fell.  He hit his head on a landscaping brick and boom...blood starts going.

Luckily it stopped bleeding and we didn't have to make a visit for stitches.  We watched him closely and he seemed fine.  He's definitely my tough guy!
I love these boys so much and I'm blessed to have them.  I can't believe they are almost 3 and 6.  It goes so fast!  

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  1. Ok, 3 things.......your family groupie is funny with Bennett like that. What is he doing?!? Ha! Second, in the next picture Lance's arm looks like a hairy werewolf. My goodness! I am buying Lance some Nair for Christmas. Last, the pic of you and Landon in front of the fire truck is really good. You need to frame it!