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My World

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Landon's First Field Trip

Landon had his first field trip this week.  On Tuesday, Landon's class went to the pumpkin patch.  We scheduled it where my class would be going to so I got to see him a little.  He was so excited about riding the bus and he ended up loving it.  He asks all the time when his next trip is! 
Lance was able to come too and that was special for Landon.  
The kids got to take a hayride, pick a pumpkin, go through a corn maze, see animals, & play on the sawdust hill.  

He also earned an award for being a TERRIFIC KID this month!  So proud of him.
Bennett will hopefully be a terrific kid too...ha!
Little Bennett is sleeping right now.  He's had a cold thing going on so I kept him home today to hopefully get over it.  He's very clingy so I guess it's a good thing Landon wanted to go to school.  I told him he could stay home but he said he wanted to see his friends and missed Mrs. Kasinger.  I'm thankful he has such a good attitude for school. 

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