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My World

Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Madden

Last Saturday I went to my friend Lori's baby shower.  Their family is welcoming baby Madden in just a few weeks.  I can't wait for him to be here and for Bennett to meet his new buddy.

Here is Lori with her mom Cathy and her sweet daughter Mackenzie.

 Gwen and I took pictures of ourselves.  We were laughing because we felt silly, but we don't have any pictures of ourselves and I wanted one.

And since Lance was hunting at the same time as the shower, we had to get the kids a babysitter.  This might sound crazy, but this is the first time we've ever had a babysitter (one that we've actually paid).  I texted my cousin to see if she was coming home for the weekend and she said she was.  So Haley was hired.  :)  Landon loves her and she is wonderful with kids.  I asked her if she was nervous watching a 6 week old baby...and she wasn't.  Maybe I was the one nervous.  I guess it is just a mom thing and letting others watch my kids is hard for me.  But I asked her if she'd be willing to watch them when she gets home from college and she was all for it.  Maybe Lance and I will actually get to go on dates.  I'm excited!

 Thanks Haley!  We love you and appreciate you taking time to watch our kiddos. 

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