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My World

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two Months

Baby Bennett was 2 months old on Friday. He is such a laid back, happy baby and we love him so much. And to celebrate his 2 month birthday he decided to sleep all night. He has been sleeping really good the last week or so but Thursday night was the first time to sleep all night. He typically goes to sleep around 9 or 10 PM and goes until 3 AM. He eats and we change him and then he's right back to sleep till 8 or 9 AM. It just depends on what we have going on and if it is one of Landon's school days.
So here are a few things about Bennett.

1. He is wearing size 2 diapers.
2. He wears mostly 3-6 month clothes (I've already packed away all newborn and most of the 0-3
month stuff).
3. He had a time with spitting up a few weeks ago and my doctor suggested switching to the AR
formula (rice already added) and that has helped a lot.
4. He weighs 15 1/2 pounds
5. The chunky baby loves to eat. He usually goes about 2 hours and sometimes we'll make it to 3
during the day. But I won't complain...too much...because I'd rather he do it during the day than
at night.
6. And maybe we are bad but we even add cereal to every bottle we give him. And he still only
goes 2 hours. When can this boy eat real food?
7. He has been smiling at us and it is the cutest thing. His eyes are just beautiful when he
smiles...they just light up.
8. He doesn't always enjoy the carseat. I try to time it just right so we have a happy baby and a
quiet car ride.
9. He had his first babysitter. My cousin Haley watched both boys when I went to a baby
shower and Lance hunted.
10. He went to the park for the first time just this week (we actually went 3 times this week).

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