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My World

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter started Saturday when we went over to Nana's house at Viola.  We had BBQ for lunch with Judy, Sharmin and her kiddos.  As soon as lunch was over we let Logan & Landon hunt eggs.  This was Landon's first hunt...and he seemed to like it. 
And their off... 

We had to help Landon find most but he was able to spot some of them on his own. 

Austin helping Landon reach an egg. 
Checking out his prizes and eating chocolate.

My sweet boy.
I just love him so much :)
And I love this boy too!  He looks really big here and so cute! 
Nana made Lilly and Jed a bunny cake since their birthday is coming up.  Austin gave her a hard time because if you notice...the whiskers are at the bunnies mouth...ha!  Poor Nana!

Sunday we attended church and this was Bennett's first trip to church.  As soon as we got there he started fussing in his car seat so I got him out.  And as I was getting him out I smelled something.  Awesome!!!  So I went out and changed him real fast.  He then fell asleep during music.  Landon wanted me to hold him so Bennett got passed around between Nana and Lance.  When Lance had him Bennett decided to have another poo diaper.  So I went back out to change him and decided to go ahead and feed him.  He only ate a couple ounces so we went back in to the service.  The preacher was doing the Lord's Supper and he just said "they ate together" and as soon as he said that Bennett let out a pretty loud burp.  It was great timing :)  After church Landon wanted to go to Pizza Hut so the 4 of us went there for lunch.  As soon as we got home I told Lance we had to get some family pictures.  We set up the camera and tried our best.

 Love my sweet family of all boys :)
What a wonderful Easter.  I just love Easter...we are celebrating our risen Lord...we are blessed!