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My World

Monday, April 9, 2012

Park Date

Last Monday Judy was over at our house to help watch B because I had my hair appointment on Tuesday.  So Monday afternoon Landon and I decided to have a little date at the park.  We went to Sonic first to get a drink and then went to the Gassville park.
It has pretty good shade and I figured it wouldn't be that busy.  I was right!!!  Well up until school got out and that's when a bunch of random kids came out.  I kept telling Landon not to talk to them...just because I wasn't about to babysit...sorry but parents should watch their own kids.  I never want others to have to watch mine...I had them for a reason!
So here are some of our park pictures.

Me and my big boy :)
We had to swing in all 3 swings they had.
We went over the bridge a few times.
He liked riding this horse...which why wouldn't he...he's a cowboy!
Here is the big, twirly slide that took him awhile to go down.  I'm trying to toughen him up.  He finally went down it (about 10 times) and then he realized he could crawl back up it.  He had fun! 

It was kind of hot if you couldn't tell from his sweaty hair.
We had a lot of fun and we will definitely continue having our park dates. 

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